Vintage Case Reproductions


Exact reproductions of mid-19th century cases can be made for any firearm. These faithful reproductions require many hours of close detail work and cost is determined by time spent in production. This fine example of a late 19-centrury, all-leather trunk case, was scratchbuilt by our restoration expert, Kade Gile. The case houses a massive Rodda 8-bore, black powder double-rifle, as well as all the accoutrements that would be necessary to take the gun into the field on safari.

The case is secured with a period original brass lock and the case exterior, grip, straps, and strap-loops are all hand-stitched. It is fitted in the English style, with beveled-top partitions, covered in wool baize. Upon completion of the case, both the interior and exterior were aged to appear commensurate with the rifles date of manufacture.



This case, also made by restoration expert Kade Gile, is an exact replica of a mid-19th century all-leather pistol case. The case is secured with a period brass lock and the entirety of the case's leather pieces are all hand stitched. It is fitted in the style of the era with tapered wood partitions covered in wool baize.