of case styles and accessories

Item Description



Shotgun Case for single gun with one set of barrels
…fit one additional barrel
…fit third and all additional barrels
Slant-front (“Coffin”) case for single gun $2,850.00
Shotgun Case for pair of shotguns $3,350.00
Motor Case for single gun with one set of barrels $2,900.00
Rifle Case for bolt-action rifle (bolt removed and fitted separately) $3200.00
Rifle Case extra deep for bolt-action rifles with bolt left in place $3,500.00
Rifle Case (French-Fitted) for single-shot rifles, carbines, and assembled shotguns $3,600.00
Rifle Case for pair of rifles $3.850.00
French-fitted pistol case for single pistol $2250.00
Pistol case as above for pair of pistols $2375.00
ALL LEATHER MOROCCO OR PIGSKIN PISTOL CASE                  fitted all-leather pistol case for most handguns from $1,750.00
Black Morocco leather Luger case with label and compartments for accessories $1,650.00
Black Morocco Luger carbine case with label and compartments for accessories $1875.00
Book-case, custom fitted to customer’s gun (add cost of book, ususally under $100) from $750.00
Cartridge Box (magazine) matches shotgun case, carries 200 rounds or more $2,150.00
Attaché Case size to order, same construction as above cases w/one lidded compartment $1,675.00
Deluxe Cleaning Kit French-fitted with choice of any tools $1,425.00 (plus tools)
Hand stitched leather corners $250.00
Extra case depth (well-space deeper than 2 1/2″) $85.00
Two tier Lift-Out tray option From $600.00
Parchment or Gold-embossed black leather trade labels (most popular makers) from $25.00
Polished wood frame surrounding trade label $60.00
Scope fitted into special compartment $85.00
Extra interior French-fitting available at nominal charge price quoted upon request