of case styles and accessories



STATE_________________ ZIP_____________


DEPOSIT $_________________ DATE__________________

Type of Case (Check one)
Describe firearm(s) to be cased______________________________________________

___Takedown trunk for single gun (number of barrels_______)
___Takedown trunk for pair of guns (number of barrels______)
___Slant-front “Coffin” case
___Rifle case (__bolt removed and fitted,___bolt left in rifle, ___pair)
___Oak & Leather Pistol case (number of pistols to be fitted___)
___Morocco leather Borchardt style case
___Cartridge magazine (bore/caliber and length of cartridges__________)

Case Options (Brass corners are standard)
___Standard ultra-suede with fabric covered bevel-top portions (color______________)

___Ultra-suede lining with deluxe polished wood-top portions (color___________
___Custom leather binding (describe________________________________)                                      ___Trade label (maker)_______________________________                                                                            ___Fit rifle scope into separate compartment

Fit Tools and Accessories
___Knob handled pistol turnscrews (size to order)

___London pattern shotgun and rifle turnscrews (size to order)
___Dust mop
___Rifle cleaning rod (.22 cal.___, .30 cal. & larger___)
___Shotgun chamber brush
___Brass shotgun cleaning rod
___Brass shotgun cleaning rod/chamber brush combination
___Pistol cleaning rod (length desired ________)
___Round brass oil bottle
___Ebony & brass snap caps
___Brass Striker pot
___List and describe any other items you will supply to be fitted (use reverse side)


Ordering: To order, please print out and complete the order form and mail it to us. As our production is limited we usually work with an extended backorder list. As the time to build your case approaches I will need the firearm for a short time (usually about 30 days) for exact measurements and final custom fitting, This insures a snug, rattle-free fit, for which our cases our well known. The firearm will then be returned in your new case.

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